May 152019

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! I’m not sure if you have seen but we have just posted a new album on our Facebook page showing all you newcomers our past and present BESPOKE art pieces we have been commissioned to make over the last few years. You see, we don’t just paint cars!  We are bikers with a passion for motor vehicles and all things art.

On our last blog, you would of noticed our new addition; a Triumph TR6 Trophy – well, all we can say is what a transition from sports bikes. Christ, I keep braking and thought to myself – it doesn’t slow down very well, but of course; the gear lever is on the OTHER side! I’ve never rode a bike that brakes from 60 – 0 slower than it accelerates 0-60!

Cliff “it’s certainly a bike you have to tinker with day to day but it is all about the riding and forgetting the speed. Taking in the scenery and enjoying the bike for what it is and getting satisfaction on getting the gear changes right and blipping the throttle at just the right speed which gives the bike that nice little sound.”

On another note:

Emma’s debut novel is doing well – you can visit her author page here:

That’s it for now folks.

Regards Cliff & Emma