Mar 012018

Mustang Sally Garage has been a loyal client of DevilBiss for over 35 years. If you are looking at starting out then the SRi Pro Compliant Smart / Spot Repair Gravity Feed Spray Gun is the go to gun.

It’s small, but perfectly formed…

The SRi Pro gravity gun is the ideal companion to the larger size Pro gravity models. Where the area of the repair is small or access is restricted the SRi Pro will get the job done where a full size gun would not.

The process of handling spot or “smart” repairs independently has seen a remarkable growth in this area of the industry and the SRi Pro has played a significant role in maintaining standards. This is a precision engineered gun that despite its size loses nothing of the atomisation finesse, speed and flow required for professional finishing.

By combining the full sized gun characteristics of the GTi Pro spray gun body forging and scaling down the front end, the SRi Pro combines unparalleled fit and feel with the revolutionary “no-kick” air valve that allows pinpoint precision delivery of air and paint, perfect for fine detail work, SMART and professional spot repairs. However if needed the spray pattern can be opened up to give a full 180mm fan suitable for bumper and panel work.


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