Bat’leth – Star Trek


A bat’leth is a curved blade approximately 5 feet (1.5 m) long, with two spiked protrusions at each end and three handholds along the back which can be used to twist and spin the blade rapidly.
It was designed and created by Star Trek: The Next Generation visual effects producer Dan Curry for the Star Trek franchise, where it is the characteristic melee weapon of Klingons.

The finished piece on display at Mustang Sally Garage

Our bat’leth is made from wood. This item is not for sale. We can make another to order to your size specifications however the price listed is for an exact replica which is viewable in our office.

Size: 1 meter 10cm

Material: MDF – hand painted
Can also be made in steel – 750.00 euros
Can also be made in Alumininum – POA

Estimated time for manufacture: 10 days




Carved and primed, ready for colour.


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