Dec 062019

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting us again. Have you SUBSCRIBED yet to our YouTube channel? We’ve got tutorials for rebuilding your RC plane, restoration work, custom paintwork, hand sculpting, Harley Davidsons, rare classic cars, paintwork and MORE.

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Dec 022019

Hey guys

Thank you for visiting our website. I’ve just started blogging my RC hobby too. From building, flying and yes, crashing my RC planes. Check us out and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

There you will also find airbrushing tutorials, past projects, current projects, classic cars, Mustangs and more.

AND I’ve just added new items to our STORE – you can now order direct from us. Just place your order into the basket and we will have your finished product ready for collection within the allocated time. If you have any specific requirements or change in design, please do not hesitate to add that to the note section on checkout.

Cheers guys!
Mustang Sally Garage team.

Jun 042019



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May 152019

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! I’m not sure if you have seen but we have just posted a new album on our Facebook page showing all you newcomers our past and present BESPOKE art pieces we have been commissioned to make over the last few years. You see, we don’t just paint cars!  We are bikers with a passion for motor vehicles and all things art.

On our last blog, you would of noticed our new addition; a Triumph TR6 Trophy – well, all we can say is what a transition from sports bikes. Christ, I keep braking and thought to myself – it doesn’t slow down very well, but of course; the gear lever is on the OTHER side! I’ve never rode a bike that brakes from 60 – 0 slower than it accelerates 0-60!

Cliff “it’s certainly a bike you have to tinker with day to day but it is all about the riding and forgetting the speed. Taking in the scenery and enjoying the bike for what it is and getting satisfaction on getting the gear changes right and blipping the throttle at just the right speed which gives the bike that nice little sound.”

On another note:

Emma’s debut novel is doing well – you can visit her author page here:

That’s it for now folks.

Regards Cliff & Emma



Mar 142019

So, the time has come. I have to accept I’m getting older! Although I am a far better rider now than I may have been in my 20’s, I fear continuing with my beloved sports bikes will end in two ways; I lose my license or worse. So, we, at Mustang Sally Garage have regretfully said goodbye to Suzy – my gorgeous GSXR 750srad and hello to a Triumph TR6 Trophy 1962. She will be parked up alongside Sally; our trusty Mustang GT390 fastback! Perhaps this whole “Steve MacQueen” thing is getting out of control? The Triumph will be with us from mid April if anyone fancies popping in to welcome her to the gang!

Ta for now Cliff


Mar 272018

Year 1970 Engine 302 V8 Spanish Historic registered

This 1970 Mustang is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to own a cool Mustang. With a snappy 302 under the hood, a great color combination, and a few Mach 1 touches this is the perfect classic Mustang to own in Spain if your budget is relatively smaller than the fastbacks.

Now, if this is your first Mustang you could ask yourself Why is the Ford Mustang so popular? Well, according to Quora:

A Mustang is about as popular a household automotive name as you’ll find, the Ford Mustang is the longest surviving of the affordable breed of classic American muscle cars. Since its mid-1964 introduction, the Mustang has always been sold as a coupe and usually a convertible as well. Oil crises, tightening emissions standards and corporate budget cuts have put its future in doubt more than once. But thanks to its perennial popularity with consumers, the Mustang is not only a survivor but one of Ford’s greatest success stories.

It’s rare that you’ll meet a car enthusiast who wouldn’t love to have a classic Ford Mustang in his or her personal collection. But more recent vintages have plenty of appeal, while the latest Mustangs offer all the style and performance any car buff could want. Whether you’re looking at performance, refinement, fuel economy, features or day-to-day livability, the modern Ford Mustang surpasses all its forbears.

So, all that said, if this little gem is within your budget AND you just happen to be searching high and low for that perfect classic car, then book an appointment NOW.


Mar 012018

Mustang Sally Garage has been a loyal client of DevilBiss for over 35 years. If you are looking at starting out then the SRi Pro Compliant Smart / Spot Repair Gravity Feed Spray Gun is the go to gun.

It’s small, but perfectly formed…

The SRi Pro gravity gun is the ideal companion to the larger size Pro gravity models. Where the area of the repair is small or access is restricted the SRi Pro will get the job done where a full size gun would not.

The process of handling spot or “smart” repairs independently has seen a remarkable growth in this area of the industry and the SRi Pro has played a significant role in maintaining standards. This is a precision engineered gun that despite its size loses nothing of the atomisation finesse, speed and flow required for professional finishing.

By combining the full sized gun characteristics of the GTi Pro spray gun body forging and scaling down the front end, the SRi Pro combines unparalleled fit and feel with the revolutionary “no-kick” air valve that allows pinpoint precision delivery of air and paint, perfect for fine detail work, SMART and professional spot repairs. However if needed the spray pattern can be opened up to give a full 180mm fan suitable for bumper and panel work.


Feb 262018

The meeting place for owners of Classic cars, Classic bikes, Vintage and Supercars. Modern classics and oldtimers.

Mustang Sally Garage is a Classic Car and Bike Meet venue that enables like-minded car and bike enthusiasts to get together on a regular basis, at a central venue, to socialise and talk about everything and anything to do with bikes and cars. With an American diner theme inside, you won’t feel out of place. Fresh tea / coffee and baked goods available too. If you feel inclined, you are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverage. We always have something new to look at whether it’s our very own Steve McQueen Bullitt (currently awaiting restoration) the one and only 1967 GT390 Fastback or our GMC suburban carrier, 1 of 300!  Don’t forget to also see the various bits and pieces for sale too.

Don’t miss visiting Mustang Sally… it’s unmissable!

Marvellous machines – if it’s interesting and has an engine, you’re likely to find it here. Whether it has 2 or 4 tyres!

A great way to spend an hour or two.

At Mustang Sally’s headquarters we have an array of classic vehicles from concourse to rotisserie restorations. Daily drivers and true rarities. Every vehicle has a story to tell, so you can turn up in or on your classic / modern vehicle and join other owners, alternatively if you just want to pop in for a look around and a cup of tea then there is ample room for “normal” cars and bikes outside too.

If you wish to have a look at some of the vehicles that pass our doors then please visit our facebook site. Here you will find photos of current and past projects too.

Our opening times are:

Monday – Friday

10:00 – 18:00 (we do not close for lunch)

Very much look forward to meeting you.

Feb 222018

The Montesa Brío , often written Brio , was a motorcycle model of tourism manufactured by Montesa between 1953 and 1963  (apart from a second and short stage, in 1970 , in which the brand commercialized a moped with the name of Brío 50 ). Throughout its commercial life, several versions were produced, all of them with the same general characteristics: a 125 cc air-cooled monocilindrical two-time motor (except for the Brío 50, in which it was 49 cc), a rack of simple crib, previous fork shocks and drum brakes. Regarding the aesthetic section, all the Brío were characterized by their red color, except for the Brío 81 and Brío 82 versions, which were also marketed in an unpublished “green trout” color.
During the 1950s , Brío was a sales success and became one of the most emblematic models of Montesa, having been the basis of all kinds of achievements;  de la Brío released versions for competitions of speed , resistance , regularity (the famous Brío Cabra ) and motocross ( Pere Pi won two state championships in this modality with adapted individual Brío 110).
The commercial success of this model kept him in production until, in 1962 , the company decided to renew its catalog and replaced the Brío for which it would
have to become one of the most famous motorcycles in its history, Impala.

Thanks Wikipedia!!



Jan 062017

Fully working walk dont walk American style traffic light. Approx 6ft tall.

Price €1,200